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Create a multi-language store in Magento 2 Part 1 Inchoo.
As always, in Magento translation terms we are talking about csv comma-separated value, translation dictionary file with at least two columns: the original phrase in the en_US locale and a translation of that phrase in another locale. In Magento 2 we have language package which is basically a collection of translation dictionaries for a particular language together with meta-information.
Translation Mechanism in Magento 2.x Platform GitHub.
Other new features of translation that didn't' exist before in Magento frameworkfor example, declension of nouns based on numeral argument value.: %1 %1catcats 1 cat / 2 cats %1 %1 1 / 2 / 9. It could be yet another renderer behind MagentoPhraseRendererInterface but encapsulating a library like Zend_Translate_Plural or similar.
localisation How to override translate csv files in magento2 Magento Stack Exchange.
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Magento 2 Translation Tutorials Mageplaza.
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How to create Magento 2 translation dictionary for your Magento theme.
REQUEST A DEMO. Home Magento Tutorials How to create Magento 2 translation dictionary for your Magento theme. How to create Magento 2 translation dictionary for your Magento theme. Using Magento 2 translation, you can now easily have your store localized for many different regions and markets.
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Translations overview Magento 2 Developer Documentation.
Inheritance means among other things that if you missed or omitted localizing some phrases or terms, parent translations are used. You can customize your translations even further by creating more than one version of a translation for the same language. Depending on your needs, you can use the existing language packages or translate Magento by yourself. Changes in Magento 2.
Translate theme strings Magento 2 Developer Documentation.
Your custom theme might contain new strings that are not present in the Magento out of the box themes. To ensure that your theme is displayed correctly with any language applied on a store view, you need to make sure that the unique strings of your theme are added to the translation dictionary when the i18n tool is run.

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