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CRM for Magento.
Centralize your email inbox within Magento. When a customer sends an email to your Customer Service department, CRM E-mail automatically creates a ticket in Magento. This gives your Customer Service team easy access to the tickets requiring a response and their replies are sent directly to the customer via email.
Koppeling tussen Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, LogicTrade en Magento Bloemert.
Om te communiceren met Microsoft Dynamics en Microsoft CRM maken we gebruik van de webservices die deze software biedt. Om te communiceren met LogicTrade hebben we een API ontwikkeld en om te communiceren met Magento hebben wij een Magento plugin ontwikkeld.
Magento SugarCRM Bridge Magento CRM Integration.
When there are some troubles with CRM server connection, the data which havent been sent to SugarCRM will be saved and transferred to the CRM after connection recovering. Running this Magento CRM module you may be quite sure that you wont lose the valuable commercial information.
Magento Koppeling; meer info Krachtige Online CRM Software.
Deze koppeling helpt je om tijd te besparen als je een Magento webshop hebt en je nieuwe of bestaande relaties optimaal wilt beheren in PerfectView CRM Online. Relaties uit Magento komen door deze koppeling beschikbaar voor alle gebruikers in PerfectView.
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Answered 147w ago Author has 99 answers and 21.4k answer views. Magento is one of the best and the most flexible eCommerce platform and you must definitely get the Magento CRM Integration, Sugar CRM, ORO CRM by Ecomextension to maintain strong relationship with your customers.
Magento 2 CRM Integration Extension.
With our CRM Integration Solution, customers will be able to transfer all customer-related data from Magento 2 to your CRM database at just a click of a mouse. No dupication as our CRM integration extension for Magento 2 will recognize all existing records and skip them for you.
OroCRM Leading Magento Open-Source CRM Platform.
Youre spending too much time looking at customer data across several applications which dont connect to each other. OroCRM is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Websphere, and more, so the chances you can utilize this CRM in your business are pretty high.
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